We are a group of production companies, post-production companies, TV stations, producers, directors, media owners, distributors, and others in Osaka who provide the global marketplace with video media. We produce videos on our own initiative or as a co-production. We also sell licenses internationally. Some of the companies in our group have contracts with Internet video sites overseas that present videos about fashion, culture and travel, etc., for a fee.

Exhibiting world-wide
As the EXCO-OSAKA group, we exhibit and market our works at many international exhibitions. These exhibitions include Asia Television Forum (Singapore), BCWW (Korea), Hong Kong FILMART (Hong Kong), and TIFFCOM (Japan). We are also actively networking with many people globally.

International Documentary Forum
We are participating in the Pitching Session at the International Documentary Forum produce in dependent media content. We are striving to express ideas from our point of view and to convey them to many people.

Meetings and projects
We invite producers from production comopanies from abroad and TV stations in Japan to hold seminars. Meetings are also regularly held among ourselves to study the international market. Some of the participants in these meetings have gone on to jointly produce content or develop other types of projects.

High concentration of media companies
Osaka boasts a high concentration of media-related companies. There are many TV stations and video production companies. The first TV station in Osaka opened in the 1950s, and a large number of independent production companies were started in subsequent years. Many TV shows have been produced here.

About Osaka, Japan
Osaka is the central city of the second-largest economic zone in Japan. This city of waterways has flourished as a center of commerce in Japan since the 17th century. Historical buildings stand next to new buildings of innovative design. While craftsmen with high skills produce traditional crafts, world-renowned advanced technologies are producing cutting-edge products. Osaka is also home to a number of highly artistic products in the areas of fashion and industrial products. New meets old in Osaka. With traditional performing arts, festival parades, and cosplay, this intermixing creates an attractive cultural diversity. People here look for fun and are eloquent communicators, filling the city with vigor.